Auto repair with our Certified Mechanics.

Automotive Repair is a vast category that can include anything from the electrical system that operates a vehicle’s blinkers during a turn; to the computerized systems under the hood that control engine revolutions, temperature and other factors. Auto repair differs from preventive maintenance in that it requires a licensed mechanic to complete the repairs and generally involves fixing or replacing a malfunctioning vehicle component. Preventive maintenance involves fluid replacement, filter replacement, and other light repairs.

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Engine Diagnostic Service

Check engine light on? One of the most broad warning lights on today’s modern vehicle, a check engine light can signal anything from a loose gas cap to a serious mechanical failure within the engine. The best course of action for the longevity of the vehicle is to diagnose the cause of the light, and recommend the best action to alleviate the issue. Our mechanics attach our computerized engine management interface to the vehicle, which allows our mechanics to create a direct link to the vehicle’s computer and effectively diagnose the cause of the problem.

Exhaust System Replacement

The exhaust system of the vehicle generally runs the entire length of the vehicle and is compromised of a number of components including the headers, which are attached to the engine block; the catalytic converter, which reduces the amount of emissions the vehicle produces; through expansion pipes and the mufflers, which damper the sound of the engine to tolerable levels. A hole in any of these components from age or damage creates and exhaust leak that is loud and not fun.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The serpentine belt connects a number of vehicle systems and provides mechanical power to each system in order to function properly. A worn serpentine belt is susceptible to failure, which means complete vehicle failure.