Instant oil change in Colchester, CT.

A full-service oil change at Performance Tire and Oil is much more than a simple oil change. Our technicians complete a comprehensive checklist during your routine service in order to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for reliability and safety. Our technicians, management, or service staff may notify you of the areas of your vehicle that may require attention. Our atmosphere is always no pressure, we are here to educate and inform the vehicle owner in order to help them make the best  decision for the specific vehicle.


~ Remove used engine oil from vehicle

~ Install up to 5 quarts of All-Climate engine oil

~ Install new engine oil filter*

~ Lubricate vehicle chassis as required

~ Check and fill windshield washer fluid

~ Check and fill radiator coolant recovery reservoir

~ Check power steering fluid and top off if necessary

~ Check transmission fluid and top off if necessary


~ Inspect and advise on current engine oil condition

~ Inspect engine air filter and air intake housing

~ Inspect cabin air filter

~ Inspect fuel filter if accessible

~ Inspect four wheel drive system: front differential, transfer case & rear differential

~ Inspect engine hoses and serpentine belt

~ Inspect brake fluid condition

~ Visually inspect vehicle battery, terminals & cables


~ Inspect front and rear windshield wiper condition

~ Inspect tire tread, sidewall and wear pattern across tires

~ Inspect vehicle lights: headlights, high beams, blinkers, reverse, brake, markers, parking, & four-way emergency lights

~ Check tire pressure and inflate to manufacturer’s recommended pressure


~ Wash front and rear windshields

~ Reset oil maintenance light in dashboard

~ Vacuum front and rear floors and seats of vehicle

~ Test antifreeze coolant for acidity, boiling and freezing points

~ Perform load test on vehicle battery if necessary

* Premium oil filters, such as cartridge filter, are subject to an extra charge.